17 Jul An Easy Hack To Keep Your Best Energy When Travelling

We are well aware of the travelling norm – your hotel’s breakfast treats you with the usual cheap toasts, marmalade, milk, cheese and average batch coffee. Tons of sugar wrapped around animal products. How does your body feel after you’re finished? We always felt like taking a nap or calling it a day.

Back home you have already designed the best morning habits to keep your energy high all day long. So how do you follow these habits when on the road? It’s simpler than you thought.

1. Start with a quick research

Map organic stores nearby your accommodation. You will need them mainly to buy liquids – oat, almond or coconut milk, that can’t travel via airplane.

2. Pack your breakfast favs with you

Even if you find an organic store, not everything you like back home will be available in your destination. You like porridge, chia seeds, hemp powder? Throw a bag or two in your backpack.

3. Embrace the difference

Don’t be shy to bring your own food to a hotel’s breakfast. If they can’t keep up to your standards, go ahead and show off your healthy choices. Just sit down, use their cutlery and prepare your own hero-breakfast.

Our experience is that no one looks bad at you, rather we get to answer some very good questions and it’s a great conversation starter. You might like the chance to be different or show someone how things can be done better. Some hotels acknowledge thinking about adding healthy options to their breakfast, and by seeing the need on you, this helps them speed up the process.

Now take a dip in the pool while everyone else went to take a nap.