28 Aug Your Highvisioned Travel Shopping List – Men Edition

First off, look around yourself. What are the objects around you that are the most precious to you? To us, it’s certainly not fast-fashion or cheap kitschy plastic dust-catchers. It’s the crafted things that stand out and keep sparking interest for generations. Things that have a soul, can tell a story and support communities; in other words, it’s the stuff that makes your Instagram followers drooling over and over.

Millenialls spend around $200bn on travel each year. One of Highvisioned’s goals is to make travelling healthy and sustainable.

When shopping, we don’t get fooled by cheap price tags.

You see, producers don’t add up the cost of visual pollution. That’s when you don’t enjoy how things look, and hide them from view when you have guests over. Producers also don’t add up the environmental impact – because it’s so easy to throw away a thing that costs next to nothing. Nowadays, the chances are you’ll bump into your own garbage, when you take a holiday swim in the sea 20 years from now and on the other side of the planet. Producers don’t add up the misery other human beings live every day to make your cheesy souvenir or a $5 tee shirt. These mass manufacturers are happy their stuff breaks easily. All these omitted factors make the cheap prices unreal and fake, therefore sorry – we don’t accept any remarks about affordability.

If you can afford to buy 3 pair of cheap jeans every year, you can as well afford to buy 1 pair of quality ones that will fit you better and get eventually stolen on a pool party or by your vintage kids.

Rather than navigating by price, look for beauty and quality of small-scale or local craftsmen, who are proud of what they do. The Made in USA, Japan or Germany are usually also good signs of quality to look for.

This is not just another shallow #whatsinmybag shopping list.

We handpicked the best timeless travel companions that will last you a life-time. If you don’t like to be constantly asked “what’s that nice … ?”, don’t read further. Though sometimes we get affiliate commissions, this is not our sole purpose. Our list is populated by small-scale and sustainable producers that craft beautiful products with love. Our lists are not definite, we are updating them to keep them aligned with our goals. Give us a shout if you want to have added something that you love.

Don’t throw away what you already have.

Unless your health is in danger, don’t replace things you own because there is something new and cool or just because you are unhappy with your job. First, make sure you either donate them to your younger sister or re-sell so your stuff doesn’t go straight to a landfill somewhere in China.

We are known to have decent style standards.

With our recommendations you can hop off a plane directly to a business meeting, then off to the beach for an evening surf and quick apéro before being sucked into the city’s nightlife like in a Terrence Malick’s movie. And repeat.