07 Nov Your Best Travel Companion

The Kanteen is a full stainless steel bottle without any lining, providing you with one of the best drinking bottle experiences currently on the market. Just make sure you won’t feed it with hot beverages and this bottle will last a lifetime. This will be one of the things that your grandchildren will dig out from your drawer and pass on to their children, along with funny stories about you.

For a long time we’ve been on the lookout for a plastic bottle alternative, especially after the bubble around BPA-free popped and left us with no choice. (Read more: Is your BPA-free water bottle as safe as you think it is? By Adam Wernick; March 30, 2014). Guess what our family members got the following Christmas.

The Kanteen is great for flights – unload it before security checkpoint and fill again right after. It fits this bicycle bottle cage after you widen the cage’s diameter. The bottle’s cap occasionally creates a slight whistling sound when twisted, which could win you strange looks in the library. The only plastic part is the silicone ring, which has so far been doing a perfect job keeping liquids inside. (Read more: Is Silicone a Plastic? by Life Without Plastic; 2014). Since the Kanteen’s opening is much wider than common bottles’, you need to stand still while drinking – drinking and driving has proven to both empty the bottle’s contents on yourself and entertain the passenger effortlessly. The design altogether is very well thought out – so well, that a German producer cloned the bottle for the local market.