18 Sep The 4 Secrets of an Organic Fashion Brand

Lovjoi began with three women, Verena, Freddy and Elli, who thought that fashion could be combined with high respect for the people and the planet. When I met them at the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin, July 2015, I was astonished by the energy flowing from their booth. They were young, fresh, smiling and somehow determined. A strong willingness and a big heart – probably the secret recipe of Lovjoi. I spoke to Elli for five minutes and knew it wouldn’t be the last time. Then I saw the clothes. Great cuts, revisited basics with creativity and style, Lovjoi proposes an alternative to fast fashion for active women who want more than hemp sack dresses as sustainable options.

Because it’s not only about consciousness but also about style, the women entrepreneurs decided to create clothes that look good and are good. Verena, CEO, was taken under Highvisioned spotlights to reveal some secrets about this creative label. Below are four things to know about Lovjoi.

Sustainable raw material

The main raw material Lovjoi uses is organic cotton (93 to 100% of each piece of cloth), under certification of GOTS and European Organic Label.

Close origin

Clothing materials are carefully selected to be as close as possible from the manufacturing site. Turkey is the farthest country the raw materials come from. Otherwise, Germany, France, Austria and Italy figure on the sourcing list. Buttons and clothing accessories are made in Germany.

In total, materials travel less than 3000 km from their sourcing location to the Lovjoi factory, leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint.

highvisioned_lovjoi_fall 15

On-demand & local manufacturing

Made in Germany – the etiquette says it all. On top of that, the ladies are only producing the demand, fighting mainstream over-production of clothing collections. The short manufacturing process allows them to tighten the production chain and not create any over-production. Without having spent tons on material resources to produce the items from last collection, the advantage is regular new designs and collections.

Groundbreaking philosophie

“Be the change you want to see in the world,” said Gandhi. This is what Verena strived for. After years of creating marketing for big companies, she used her skills for a meaningful project: opening a bio-shop. As much as this mission was fulfilling, a shadow was cast over the great project. Verena wondered: how can I be conscious while shopping food if I wear brands such as H&M, Zara or Mango? Facing the lack of suitable options for young and active men and women, Verena decided to extend her conscious journey by creating a conscious fashion label. Lovjoi was born.

By helping create a revolution in fashion habits, Lovjoi disrupts the fashion industry. Rather than having the organic aspect of the brand as the main interest, Lovjoi wants its consumers to first like the clothes, find them attractive, and secondly appreciate the sustainable finer points: made in Germany, with fair and conscious conditions.


Many thanks to Verena and Elli for their kindness and availability. Highvisioned was blessed to discover such inspiring entrepreneurs behind the Lovjoi brand.


Lovjoi clothing can be found on their e-shop, and in many shops in Berlin, Munich, and Köln. 

Also available online on Avocadostore, Miwai, Greenwoodstore, Eucurio & more to come.