Bodies Like Oceans

(c) Jeremy Bishop

HIGHVISIONED developed a series of talks and workshops on reconsidering plastic in daily lives, products and cities. Considered as one of the most linear materials created by humankind until now, plastic started being manufactured only seven decades ago. Data and research accumulation now reveal an inconvenient truth; put in the words of Cyrill Gutsch from Parley For the Oceans, “plastic is a design failure”, leading to a challenge at all levels: how do we get our way out of it?

Bringing on the table topics of ocean preservation, zero waste, plastic-free lifestyle and fashion design, HIGHVISIONED engages local and international players to rethink life and business without plastic and, ultimately, ask for change to institutions and businesses.

What We Do

Talks in international conferences  |  Think-tanks in companies & NGOs  |  Workshops on plastic-free lifestyle  |  Documentary screenings  |  Research hackathons & guerrilla awareness actions

Cities Like Oceans

(c) Alexey Marchenko

Committed to build a sustainable future, HIGHVISIONED goes beyond the body’s shell to think regeneratively and address the urban level. Cities are key in the health of our planet: urban areas aggregate major geographic changes through land-use modification, amount of construction projects and, consequently, carbon footprint and ocean acidification.

Research reveals fragility, complexity, seasonality and quick variability are contemporary characteristics of the urban eroded environment. Redesigning the way we build cities is a prerequisite to restore thriving ecosystems, carbon sequestration, ocean preservation.

HIGHVISIONED opens the conversation on circularity in architecture and in cities. Innovation in construction materials in the built environment, as well as strategies developed with and by city authorities, are the two sides of the of the so-called ‘blue urbanism’.

What We Do

Panel moderation  |  Think-tanks facilitation  |  Public events participation