18 Feb The Ultimate Way To Wash Yourself When On The Run

Ever dreamt of washing your hair in the river? Do you like the look of plastic bottles circling around your bathtub? We hope you fancy natural ingredients, so let’s give this a shot. We also believe that the typical synthetic cocktail, wrapped up in a thick plastic bottle, does not deserve to be called shampoo anymore. The list of contents seems endless, and while it provides a fairly good reading for a lab technician, we advise you grab a book instead. These ingredients harm your body and the environment –> win-win situation for greedy chemical corporations.

If you strip the above paragraph of all its negativity and uselessness, you’ll get a soap-like bar, handmade solely from organic ingredients and natural essential oils.

We’ve been using this one from Tuula, but there are already plenty of brands around to choose from. Just check if the ingredients list is short, preferably all organic and you are golden. If they don’t mention your hair type, you might want to experiment with different compositions to find the best fit. Whether you are at home or on the road, the experience of cleaning yourself naturally feels like hanging out with Adam & Eve in a sunny paradise garden. Priceless.