03 Sep In Taiwan They Turn Coffee Grounds Into T-Shirts

Taiwan’s folk consumes 780.000 cups of coffee a day. This creates tonnes of coffee ground that go to waste and end up in landfills to become ground. This was the case until 2009, when a local company started reusing the waste in an unusual, but certainly not less genius, manner.

All started when Amy Chan, the wife of Jason, a local textile industrialist, teased him that he should consider start using some coffee ground after sport to fight his body odour. Connecting the dots between high coffee consumption, its unutilized wastefulness and natural deodorising characteristic, Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit lit up and after four years of development, S.Café was born.

Everyday, Jason now collects hundreds of kilograms of coffee grounds from coffee shops and using a patented technology, S.Café is able to turn them into high-performance sportswear fabrics, that not only absorb body odour, but dry almost two times faster and with five times higher UV protection than cotton textiles.

Following a big success, S.Café keeps extending its sustainability vision even further by supporting local rice farmers and together with Patagonia, they take part in the conservation of Taipei’s wetlands.

Highvisioned high five!