02 Jul This #1 Lifestyle Upgrade Will Make You a Climate Change Warrior

Okay, here’s the deal. Scientific prognoses show that by the end of the century there won’t be any fish in the sea. And as much as we rely on our governments to figure things out, there’s not much time left. Not mentioning they are too busy making deals with business lobbyists.

For example, take the tobacco industry. Already in 1956 we realised how harmful the stuff was. That’s great, you would think, let’s move on. But still 61 years after, you hardly find a non-smoking pub in Japan or Berlin. Like a loaded truck, humanity has a crazy long braking distance, fuelled by big businesses and lobbying. This is not about intelligence, we tend to be pretty smart. It is about the system that is not agile enough.

Here’s the thing: scientists say that if we all stop consuming animal products, we stop climate change right now. You see, animal agriculture is the most powerful industry of all. What will be the braking distance like here if we just leave it to the system to figure things out?

The way out? This simple lifestyle upgrade will not only make you healthier and happier (yes, you’ll live longer), you will become a climate change warrior (sew patches coming soon!).

Vegan is the way of a Jedi

The word Vegan went through way too many weird transformations. The bottom line is, Humans are not built to eat meat. Get over it.

Our physiological food is fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts. Compared to Carnivore, like tigers, jaguars or leopards, our digestive system is not made to digest dead meat. That’s why meat lovers often get a colon cancer.

Afraid of losing your well deserved muscles? The strongest animals in the world are vegans!


I see what’s your next question (What about our protein?). You see, even animals that we eat, get their protein from plants. By skipping animals from the equation, we simply don’t let a cow to pre-chew our food.

Eggs, cheese, milk?

We don’t intend to ruin your Sunday’s hang-over breakfast, but these are simple facts. Our favourite breakfast egg is a chicken’s reproductive cell, it’s purpose is to grow a baby chicken. Milk is nothing else than a baby cow growth fluid. The purpose of cow’s milk is to turn a 30-kilograms calf into a 300-kilograms cow as rapidly as possible (very well explained by Dr. Michael Klaper here). Both eggs and milk are packed with hormones that cause men boobs and tumours in women.

Despite all this glaring evidence, at Highvisioned we are quite patient characters (thanks, Headspace) and we will gladly hold your hand and support you on your path of dropping animals from your menu. Just think about the poor fish that not only have no ears; now they also have to put up with our useless lifestyles every single day.